Top 5 Georgette Wedding Saree to Wear for Winter Weddings

Top 5 Georgette Wedding Saree to Wear for Winter Weddings

Top 5 Georgette Wedding Saree to Wear for Winter Weddings. Gorgeous Sarees lures the heart of every woman and embellishes with its delicate, ornamental and glamorous appearance. Georgette Sarees, a perfect choice for a skin-fitting style and very suitable for every type of body shape with a pleasant manifestation. It is a great option to wear Georgette Sarees to hide the obesity in winter weddings. Gorgeous Sarees always preferable to wear for winter weddings as they give comfort, elegance and prettiness to due to their virtue of lightweight, flexibility, flowing and softness. Unlike, the Indian heritage, women feel distate to wear the same kind of typical, traditional, ethnic and gaudy type of Sarees. A modern era demands more trendy, stylish and eye-catching Sarees which may win millions of hearts with their charismatic appearance.

 Herein, we picked top 5 georgette Sarees which are simply gorgeous for winter weddings and easily wear in winter weddings, marriage functions like, parties, dance sangeet ceremonies, reception, family gatherings and much more.

Beautiful Georgette Saree with yellow and dark green color combination with gold beaded threading on the entire Saree. The Saare has large size embroidery threaded patterns which are appealing like some pearls sprinkled all over on it and glowing the entire outward look. It’s gives extremely tempting and attractive appearance and a great choice for winter weddings.

Points:Generally, georgette is quite expensive but for a stunning look, we can’t compromise with anything.

  • Georgette is made of twisting the yarns of S & Z, in both enfold and weft.
  • Pure georgette is approx 5 times expensive as compared to others. Where the faux Georgette can be clearly equated with its price.

 Types/ Varieties of Georgette Sarees…

 Earlier, due to limited technology, the fabric was unable for trimming and layering purposes. With the modern times, the fabric has been branched into many subcategories. The various kinds of Georgette currently available are now in the market. The quality and degree of superiority is calculated from the threading style and how much quantity of other yarn has been mixed with pure georgette yarns

  • Jacquard Georgette fabric
  • Nylon Georgette fabric
  • Viscose Georgette fabric
  • Silk Georgette fabric
  • Polyester Georgette fabric
  • Satin Georgette fabric
  • 80grms Georgette:
  • 60grms Georgette:
  • 40grms Georgette:
  • Faux Georgette or Artificial Georgette:

 80grms Georgette:It is a pure and expensive among all georgette varieties. It’s suitable for heavy Sarees with embroidery and another type of work done on them. As they hold gaudy or ethnic look, they are perfect for weddings and lehenga are made with heavy work on the fabric.

Top 5 Georgette Wedding Saree to Wear for Winter Weddings
Top 5 Georgette Wedding Saree to Wear for Winter Weddings

From the old georgette Sarees making style, a new invention is available now in the market which is the most famous and leading name among all other georgette Sarees, the Faux Georgette Sarees to feel more light and comfort. All the various  types of georgette are preferable for different seasons and occasions like for winter weddings its is recommended to wear velvet georgette mix with other threads, Handloom Georgette Sari, Fashion Georgette Saare, Bollywood Georgette Saare, Designer Jacquard Georgette Saare, Floral print Georgette Saare, Embroidered Georgette Saare, synthetics Geometric Print Fashion Georgette Saree , and many more.

A concrete classic embroidered georgette saree with beige and pink color combination. The entire saree has heavy embroidered heavy work which makes it unique and elegant, a great choice for winter weddings.

Top 5 Georgette Wedding Saree to Wear for Winter Weddings
Top 5 Georgette Wedding Saree to Wear for Winter Weddings


Well, it’s a tough quite touch to select a proper piece for a proper function or party. For all the different marriages, we require every time something new and indifferent style clothing which totally depends on our moods, seasons, relationships-formal or informal.silver threading designer border and inside patterns.Shimmering, red and blue color Georgette Saree with silverish stones blended all over the Saree. It has an extremely heavy ethnic embroidery work of large patterns of

Top 5 Georgette Wedding Saree to Wear for Winter Weddings
Top 5 Georgette Wedding Saree to Wear for Winter Weddings

Maintenance:-Georgette saree require more care and attention like a 19  years old girl seeks more pampering. The cloth material is very crinkle and delicate and the crease gets crush very easily with a little squeeze or clamp if, you fold or press it in a haphazardly way so, It is always suggested to maintain them properly as its cloth material very sensitive and delicate.

As Georgette is little extra stronger material than compare to chiffon fabric, it is still suggested to take special care while washing. Some useful key points are there for your convenience.

  1. It is recommended to wash by hand with cold water and mild good detergent.
  2. Stretching the cloth while washing is highly restricted.
  3. Dry in the natural air instead of machine dryers.
  4. Dry in cool and shaded place instead of sunlight where color fades very frequently.
  5. If, any information available on the tag, please follow that.

Qualities and Features of Georgette Fabric

Georgette fabrics are manufactured in a systematic way and every variety owes its own feature and qualities. Some of the renowned georgette manufactures defines each type of georgette fabric with their specialty which is listed below:-

  • Viscose Georgette Fabric – Fine finish, Skin-friendly, Multiple colors available.
  • Polyester Georgette Fabric Fine finish, Multiple colors available, Skin-friendly
  • Double Georgette Fabric Excellent fabric, High-quality, Affordable pricing
  • Soft Georgette Fabric– Lustrous Finish, Easy Maintenance, High Tearing Strength
  • Silk Satin Georgette Fabric: – Excellent fabric, High-quality, Affordable pricing

§  Poly Georgette Fabric -:  Shrink resistance, Shiny look, Easy to stitch.

·   Micro Georgette Fabric – Shiny look, Best polyester used, Durability

·  Nylon Georgette Fabric- Optimum finish, Easy to stitch, Lustrous

·  Pure Georgette Fabric – Optimum tearing strength, Shrink resistant, Easy maintenance

·   Silk Crepe Georgette Fabric– Custom-made lengths available, optimal finish, Comfortable

·  Satin Georgette Fabric – Long Lasting, Shrink resistance, Lustrous finish

Reason to love it:

  • The georgette fabric is very light weight material.
  • Suitable for every body shape.
  • Its gives very much feminine, glowing, and sober with delicacy appearance.
  • It is a strong and durable fabric.
  • Georgette fabric can dye very easily.
  • Available in all prices depends on its purity or duplicity
Top 5 Georgette Wedding Saree to Wear for Winter Weddings
Top 5 Georgette Wedding Saree to Wear for Winter Weddings


Peach and Red color embroidered lightweight, delightful charming Georgette Saree with floral shape design large floral embroidered motif spread all over the Saree with the extremely heavy border enhance the aesthetic of womenIt’s time to educate and update yourself with all latest, trendy, stylish, fashionable Sarees. For every occasion, ceremonies, winter weddings choose which suits to your body and heart.

An another great selection for winter weddings. A marvelous Georgette Saree in multicolor combination with a mix of royal blue, green, red and gold silk yarn threading on the border. A lightweight, gorgeous and ethnic Saree with heavy embroidery work on it’s pallu which displays an outstanding, charming and stylish looks and absolutely suitable for winter weddings.

Now, you can choose a better Georgette Sarees for winter weddings with all relevant information about the cloth material, fabric and designs, fashion, trend, pattern, prices, durability and much more…

Top 5 Georgette Wedding Saree to Wear for Winter Weddings
Top 5 Georgette Wedding Saree to Wear for Winter Weddings

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