Indian Designer Saree Emerging Hollywood Industry Shows The World Is One

In this modern age, technology is growing fast irrespective of every field. Today world is not limited to a particular arena; it has spread all over, so technology and economy have developed without any barrier, without any dimension. Designer saree is the bright example of it. In the past, it had been noticed that the Indians were used to wear the foreign dresses but today it has been just the opposite. Indian saree has become hot favorite to western ladies especially Hollywood divas.


With the development of technology the character of textile has also developed, people from all over the world have accepted it for their daily use. In the field of textiles, the dominant Western countries feel that globalization means an abundance of fashions and styles. They update the inventory and make global trade deal and organize the worldwide distribution of clothing and other goods. Indian saree has become popular to the Hollywood divas and it is often seen that they are in this Indian saree in any occasion.

Designer Saree for All

When people talk about Indian Designer saree or sari immediate the thought comes to the mind that the traditional and ethnic dress for the Indian ladies but the same dress when it is worn by the ladies of Western countries it gives the impression of traditional values. It is just the opposite side of the coin when people talk about the western dresses because it seems that it seems that western dresses are to flush the fashion industry with ‘mesmerizing styles and designs.


Indian designer saree has become popular to the Hollywood divas and it is often seen that they are in this Indian saree in any occasion. There are different ways to wear these sarees. India is a country of different states and every state has its own style; own cultures accordingly the texture of the sarees are varied. But whatever the state it is the sarees are ethnic clothing to wear.

Variety Fabrics in Indian Designer Saree

It is said ‘beauty lies in the eyes of beholder’ and the designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee who has become a world-renowned designer in Indian saree realizes this. His traditional Designer saree has embellished the Hollywood divas. Indian Sarees or clothes are admired all over the world for its rich fabrics like raw silks, net, brocade, etc. that help to create stylish sarees or designer sarees gowns. The most attractive Indian attire is regarded as sensational, ethnic and incredible. The most famous Hollywood celeb Anna Kournikova has selected the gorgeous soft blue saree and when she attends a party in that dress none can turn their faces from her.


Gisele Bundchen has taken the Designer Saree as her other identity. She can now add her ability to rock in Indian saree and taken it as her achievement. In India saree is a traditional dress and Indian women normally are seen in this dress, but today the people of Western countries have also taken it as a traditional and stylish dress. They do not hesitate to wear it in any occasion.

Indian Style Create Magic

Another designer Tarun Tahiliani has brought many Designer Sarees in the market not only for the Indian ladies but also for the Hollywood divas’. They look beautiful in Indian Sarees. Naomi Campbell has stolen the attraction of other celebs when she walked the ramp. When the golden-eyed beauty wears Indian Sarees they look absolutely different. The pop singer Selena gives a whole new look by wearing a saree replete with a bindi.


Her gorgeous look might be put off a sack. Jessica Alba who has worn an orange saree with an embroidered blouse created by Sabyasachi Mukherjee has given her a self-confident look and she makes it her own identity. This is not a new that the Western Hollywood actress will wear Indian sarees. People have often seen them with this Designer Sarees particularly when they visit India. Can you distinguish them from any Indian? No, because today there is no demarcation from east to west and this is possible due to the advancement of technology and globalization. The whole world has come up into one.


Thus, Designer saree has embellished the East as well as West and this is possible because people have changed their outlook and are ready to accept this Indian saree as the Indian ladies have accepted it. Globalization is the reason behind it. Moreover, technology is playing a vital role to create magic for emerging ethnic fashion in the West.

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